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Wisdom teeth can be incredibly painful and cause long term problems.

Many people have their wisdom teeth removed for many different reasons. And many people choose the expertise of Redland Bay Smiles for their wisdom teeth removal!

In the heart of the Bay area, you can find our experienced practitioners completing wisdom teeth removal and extractions routinely. In fact, we’ve begun to count how many wisdom teeth we remove.

The amount of wisdom teeth removals performed at the practice, and the attention to detail that Redland Bay Smiles provides to its patients during this procedure, make it a truly unique and trustworthy experience for all patients. If you’re suffering from discomfort due to your wisdom teeth, we can help get you feeling back to normal in no time at all.

If your wisdom teeth are impacted or causing you concerns, don’t wait until it becomes worse. With our state-of-art facility we are able to do everything on-site for your convenience. Wisdom teeth or third molars are generally the last teeth that erupt in the mouth. For a large proportion of the population they may not cause any problems and some people may not have wisdom teeth at all. However, for those that have wisdom teeth problems the pain and associated problems can be excruciating. At Redland Bay Smiles Dental, Brisbane we see patients whose impacted wisdom teeth cause pain, infection and decay to surrounding teeth. Anecdotally, there are reports that wisdom teeth can also cause crowding or misalignment of your other teeth.

It is for the above reasons that most impacted or decayed wisdom teeth need to be removed. Most other dental surgeries may refer you to an oral-maxillo facial surgeon to remove your wisdom teeth. However, at Redland Bay Smiles, we are fortunate to have skilled Dentists that can safely remove wisdom teeth.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth (also known as the third molars) are molars located towards the back of the mouth. They generally come through last, often in the later teenage years or early 20s. Most people who have wisdom teeth have four – two in their upper jaw and two in their lower jaw. Some people may have more or fewer and some people will never get wisdom teeth.

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How do you know if your wisdom teeth are coming in?

Most people become aware of their wisdom teeth due to the accompanying pain. The teeth may be coming through at odd angles and impacting other teeth. Alternatively, they may be rubbing against the cheek or causing gum inflammation where they are coming through.

How do you know if your wisdom teeth are infected?

Sometimes, wisdom teeth can irritate the gums and cause an infection. This will present itself as inflammation in the gum, swelling and pain. There may also be pus excretion from the infected area, swollen lymph nodes under the jawline and difficulty performing basic functions such as opening and closing the mouth or swallowing.

How do wisdom teeth grow?

Wisdom teeth grow like any other tooth, however there are some common complications. When wisdom teeth come through incorrectly, without enough room to grow, they are referred to as impacted teeth. Because wisdom teeth often come through later in life, space is usually occupied by a person’s existing adult teeth. For this reason, wisdom teeth are often forced to grow sideways or at another odd angle, and sometimes fail to emerge completely.

Do wisdom teeth always hurt when they come in?

Wisdom teeth may not necessarily present with pain as they come through, although it is extremely common. The vast majority of people who have their wisdom teeth removed do so because it was causing them pain.

Do you have to get your wisdom teeth removed?

Many people make the decision to have their wisdom teeth extracted. It is common practice for dentists to recommend the removal of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can be problematic even for people who aren't suffering any pain as a direct cause of them. Removing your wisdom teeth is often recommended by dentists as a preventative measure to avoid the future development of serious dental problems.

How much does it cost to have wisdom teeth removed?

We offer a free consultation for people looking to have their wisdom teeth removed. Many patients will also require a full mouth OPG x-ray, which costs $110 and provides us with a complete view of the current situation. If that is unaffordable for patients we have technically advanced 3D imagine which can help us assess tooth placement and nerves.

The cost of having wisdom teeth removed is heavily dependent on individual circumstances. You will need to have a checkup, possibly x-rays, and very likely multiple appointments if you have four wisdom teeth that need to be removed. If you come in for a consultation we will be able to assess your condition and determine what steps may need to be taken to get your wisdom teeth out (if it’s even necessary at all).

What are the benefits of having wisdom teeth removed?

If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain or discomfort, the benefits of having them removed are immediately obvious. However, sometimes you may need to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction even if you aren’t having difficulties. If your wisdom teeth are clearly going to prevent future issues, such as having limited room to grow or are presenting a threat to nearby teeth, we will recommend their removal.

How are wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth extraction is a relatively straightforward procedure in theory, but due to the odd growth direction of many wisdom teeth it can easily become complicated. Your procedure will likely start with some type of anaesthesia. A local anaesthetic is commonly used, although a general anaesthetic or mild sedative may also be used.

We’ll start by making a small incision in your gum to gain better access to the problem tooth and surrounding pain. From there, we’ll remove any bone that may be preventing us from removing the tooth. Often, we’ll cut the tooth up to get it out, although sometimes it can be removed whole. Once we’ve gotten it out, we will thoroughly inspect and clean the area to ensure there is extremely limited risk of future infection. In some cases, we may need to apply some stitches to assist the healing process. That’s it!

How much does wisdom tooth removal cost?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal can depend entirely on the particular orientation of your wisdom teeth and any complicating factors, such as infection or other issues that may present problems during removal. To get a clear idea of what your procedure will cost, give us a call or book a consultation.

Having your wisdom teeth removed with Redland Bay Smiles can prove to be significantly cheaper than visiting a surgeon or pursuing other options. You can save on surgeon and anaesthetist fees (we'll still provide anaesthetic) and have your procedure performed by qualified dentists with hundreds of wisdom teeth removals under their belt.

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a serious procedure. Place your dental health in hands you can trust.

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