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Get the perfect smile you've always dreamed of.

Professional tooth-whitening is cost-effective and can produce amazing results. Read on to learn more.

Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular and non-invasive dental procedure that can instantly refresh your smile. Redland Bay Smiles offers patients the choice between in-chair or take home treatment.Teeth whitening works quickly to brighten and whiten stained or discoloured teeth, leaving a fresh youthful appearance.

At Redland Bay Smiles, we see thousands of patients for teeth whitening. This is one of our most popular treatments. We choose to use advanced products in order to provide the best possible results for our patients. Because of the large volumes of teeth whitening we perform for our patients, we do not charge premium prices when compared to other practices.

The gel used throughout the whitening treatment is a product of extensive research. In chair, it can lighten your teeth up to 14 shades lighter in about one hour. It takes approximately two weeks to achieve this result at home. The gel is hydrogen peroxide based and works by breaking down deep stains on the tooth surface. It is safe to use in the human mouth and does not damage or alter tooth structure. Many of our own dentists enjoy whitening their own teeth, giving it the ultimate tick of approval.

What is in-chair whitening like?

A light-activated tooth whitening gel is applied to the teeth at four separate intervals whilst you sit comfortably in the dental chair for about one hour. During this time, you are able to listen to music or watch Netflix and chill. What is the take-home whitening like: If you would rather use the take-home formula, this does not require any light. You will simply need to place the gel in your customised whitening trays and wear your trays for approximately 45 minutes at a time. Do this for approximately one to two weeks for wonderful results. Your dentist will walk you through the exact steps and give you a care sheet to follow. At Redland Bay Smiles, our first concern is the oral health of our patients. We strongly believe that a healthy mouth contributes to your overall health. However, this notion is not limited to simply treating decay or gum disease but also extends to patients with cosmetic concerns that may be impacting their overall quality of life and health.

Discoloured teeth are a major concern for many of our patients and as such we provide whitening procedures to eligible patients. We offer a number of whitening solutions depending on the cause of your discolouration. All our whitening products are TGA approved and safe for supervised use.

We Guarantee satisfaction

We guarantee our whitening results and the products have been used by our dentists for many years. So, if you have a special occasion coming up or simply think it’s time to get that brighter, whiter smile you have always wanted, CONTACT US TODAY!

Can you make yellow teeth white again? ​

It is entirely possible to reduce yellow stains on teeth to the point that the stains are barely noticeable. However, it really depends on the individual case.

Book a Teeth Whitening Appointment

If you’d like to learn more about teeth whitening, book an appointment with us. We’ll chat with you about your options, answer any questions you may have, and carry out a tooth whitening procedure if you’re interested in having one on the day.

Will teeth whitening work on all stains?

Teeth whitening can have a positive impact on most stains. However, certain stains such as teeth yellowing will more readily be lifted by the teeth whitening products we use. Some stains, like gray and purple staining, are often very difficult to remove.

The effectiveness of teeth whitening can depend not only on the colour of the staining, but also the source of it. When you come in for a checkup, ask us about teeth whitening and we’ll take a look into your particular level of staining. From there, we’ll be able to recommend a whitening plan that will help you get the bright white smile you’re looking for.

How many teeth whitening sessions do I need?

The number of sessions you’ll need to achieve the level of teeth whitening you’re looking for will depend entirely on your particular situation, the degree of staining that needs to be removed, your teeth hygiene habits and the specific whitening technology that we use.

Most people will see very impressive results after a single session. Others may need teeth whitening sessions ever 2-4 weeks for a couple of months in order to address serious staining

How long does teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening is not permanent. Over time, your diet and level of dental hygiene may cause your teeth to develop new stains. If you eat a lot of foods and beverages that contribute to teeth staining you’re likely to see the effects of teeth whitening begin to fade within four to six weeks. However, if you take care of your teeth, you may be able to get a good twelve months of pearly whites before your next appointment.

How long does it take to see results from teeth whitening?

When you come in for a teeth whitening session, you will see results immediately afterwards. With home whitening kits, it may take some time and several sessions before you get moderate results. For this reason, we recommend always starting your teeth whitening journey with an appointment with us.

Is teeth whitening safe?

When performed by a qualified dentist using safe and thoroughly tested materials, teeth whitening can be extremely safe. There is a wide range of teeth whitening products and technology available. It’s critical that you speak with a dentist prior to performing any teeth whitening at home, particularly if you purchased your materials online.

We will walk you through the products that we use and will only ever recommend fully approved teeth whitening kits for you to take home.

Do teeth whiteners damage your teeth?

Some teeth whiteners can cause damage to tooth enamel and others may even have a negative effect on your gums. Long term damage to tooth enamel can be difficult to treat. For this reason, it is extremely important that you speak with a dentist before using any tooth whitening products.

Book an Appointment to Learn More

Come in and speak with us to learn more about our tooth whitening procedures. We'll be able to recommend an appropriate take-home kit for you following your appointment to help you maintain results long into the future.

Tooth whitening can be done to correct discolouration or just help with confidence - chat to us to learn more.

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