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Need to get a tooth pulled?

Safe and painless tooth extractions are very possible - just ask us!

Our first priority at Redland Bay Smiles Dental is to provide you with solutions to help maintain your teeth for life. However, in the unfortunate circumstance that you may have to lose a tooth, our Dentists at Redland Bay Smiles will ensure you are completely comfortable before removing a tooth. This may include providing numbing gel or extra anaesthetic. We will ensure you are well informed about all your treatment options and the costs associated before making the decision to remove your tooth. There are several means to replace missing teeth and these include implants, bridges or dentures.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth removal is a very common reason for getting a tooth extracted. Wisdom teeth can grow at awkward angle and place pressure on the surrounding teeth. In addition, they can often cause serious discomfort and even infection when they begin to break through the gum. As such, it is often beneficial to have them removed.

tooth infection


Tooth decay and other damage can penetrate deep into the tooth and cause an infection in the pulp. The mouth contains a lot of bacteria, so once this infection settles in things can turn south very quickly. Root canal treatment can assist, but sometimes a complete tooth extraction may be the only solution to preventing a potentially devastating infection.

Happy gas!

We take every measure possible to ensure that all our patients have a pleasant and happy experience when they're visiting Redland Bay Smiles. If you or your child requires it, we can provide happy gas to help take the edge off the experience of having your teeth extracted.

Why should you have your tooth pulled?

There are multiple reasons for any individual needing to undergo a tooth extraction. We see all kinds of patients come into Redland Bay Smiles seeking assistance with a wide variety of dental concerns. Reasons include damage, operations, infection, crowding and more. If you think you need a tooth pulled but don’t necessarily fit into one of these categories, please book a consultation with us so we can take a look. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Irreparable Damage
Sometimes, either due to infection, sporting injuries or some other cause, a tooth can become damaged beyond repair. In these cases we often advocate removing it. We have a wide array of resources at our disposable to repair teeth, so it usually requires extensive damage or decay for a tooth to be damaged beyond repair.

Can you pull your own teeth?

We absolutely recommend against performing a tooth extraction on yourself. Through our years of experience we have encountered hundreds, if not thousands of teeth that were firmly wedged into their socket, grown at odd ankles, had twisted roots or otherwise entrenched in such a way that any amateur attempting to remove them would only cause themselves extensive amounts of pain and likely great damage, let alone the risk of a life-threatening infection.

How are teeth pulled?

Specialist tools are used to perform tooth extractions. Following an inspection of the area and the creation of a plan to safely extract the tooth, you’ll receive an anaesthetic to numb the area. Usually we just use a local anaesthetic, but depending on the severity of the issue and your own particular circumstances, we may use a general anaesthetic.

The next step is clearing away the work area. We may make small incisions in the gum and the bone that surrounds the tooth. After that, it’s just a matter of wiggling the tooth out of place. In some cases, we may have to cut the tooth into smaller parts to help remove it without creating a larger hole than necessary.

Once the tooth is removed, we’ll pack the hole (or socket) with gauze to help your blood clot and prevent any further bleeding. Depending on what was required to access the tooth, we may need to place in a few stitches to help the gum repair itself.

At Redland Bay Smiles, we use high-quality stainless steel tools and advanced techniques to extract teeth with minimal impact on the surrounding teeth, jawline and gums. Our goal is to get you in and out with the least possible interference in your daily life.

If you’re unsure, come in for a consultation and we’ll take a look around and see what the best path forward is for you.

If you believe that it’s time to get that pesky tooth removed, book a tooth extraction appointment with us and we’ll take care of it.

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