A root canal treatment can save your tooth.

Root canals are a safe and effective way of eliminating infection and retaining the use of your natural teeth.

The term Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is hardly referred to in an excited manner. However, at Redland Bay Smiles, we are very excited when it comes to root canal therapy!

This procedure is common for our practitioners who complete RCTs on a daily basis. We are therefore experienced and equipped for the most complicated of cases, which other practices would otherwise refer elsewhere. Rest assured you’re in skillful hands at Redland Bay Smiles. Did you know, having root canal therapy should feel no different to coming in for a regular filling? We enjoy pleasantly surprising our patients with a great dental experience.

Root canal treatment is generally necessary if a tooth has extensive decay or if a tooth has experienced trauma at some point in time. The reasoning behind performing root canal treatment is to try and save a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. There is a misconception that root canal treatment is painful. In reality, similar to every other dental procedure, pain can be eliminated and discomfort minimized through care and use of modern equipment and treatment methods. Root canals are typically longer appointments and as such our surgeries at Redland Bay Smiles are equipped with ceiling mounted televisions to keep patients occupied and comfortable during procedures.

Usually root canals are performed over 3 appointments. However, this can vary depending on individual circumstances. The first appointment is to remove the infected or problematic nerve tissue from inside the tooth and dress the tooth with special medications. The second appointment is to shape and clean the canal/s inside the tooth and assess response to the medication. The third appointment is to fill the canal/s with an inert material. Finally, the Dentist may recommend a capping or crown is placed over the tooth to prevent any future infection or breaking down of the tooth.

The above process is a very simplistic overview of what can be a complicated procedure. However, our Dentists at Redland Bay Smiles will keep you comfortable and informed all the way and, if required, will consult specialists to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

how painful is a root canal

How painful is a root canal?

We take every possible step to reduce or eliminate any pain during your root canal therapy. Using a local anaesthetic taking care to reduce discomfort will ensure that you have a comfortable appointment with us.

how long does the pain last after a root canal

How long does pain last after a root canal?

Following your root canal treatment, you may experience some pain for up to two weeks. The length of pain or discomfort following endodontic therapy depends largely on the care taken during treatment, the quality of the procedure and the extent of the infection that was treated.

root canal treatment risk

Is root canal treatment risky?

One of the biggest risks involved in root canal therapy is discovering that the extent of the infection is greater than previously thought that a root canal treatment may not adequately address the issue. Other risks involve a tooth abscess developing after the treatment, although this can be avoided by the dentist thoroughly cleaning out all infected material and prescribing a full course of antibiotics.

Understanding Your Tooth

The bulk of your tooth is comprised of dentine, a hard, dense tissue. It is surrounded by your tooth enamel. Beneath all this is the root, which sits beneath the gum line. The root (or roots – molars have several) anchors the tooth in the jaw.

Inside the tooth is the pulp chamber. Protected by enamel, dentine and the root, this pulp chamber is the centre of the tooth. This is where your tooth’s blood vessels and nerves are located, and how the tooth is fed with nutrients and oxygen.

What happens to a tooth when the pulp is removed?

The pulp of a tooth is mainly there to assist with its growth. Once you have passed through childhood and your tooth is fully formed, the pulp plays a far less important role as your tooth can obtain its nutrients from nearby tissue. As such, removing the pulp during a root canal treatment doesn’t kill the tooth. However, generally speaking, a tooth that retains its pulp will be healthier than one that has lost it. However, with proper care, your tooth should last a long time after your root canal treatment.

How successful is root canal therapy?

The success rate of root canal treatments varies according to the skill and experience of the dentist and the degree of damage to the tooth. Generally, around 95% of root canal treatments are successful, with patients able to maintain the use of their tooth afterwards. If you come in for a consultation, we can give you a good understanding of your situation and chances of retaining your tooth.

What is an endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist who specialises in preserving your teeth. Their goal is to take all steps necessary to help you keep your current teeth, which often involves conducting a root canal to eliminate an infection which would otherwise destroy the tooth. Most dentists also carry out endodontic treatments.

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