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Is it time to get permanent dental implants?

Dental implants are a relatively new but proven treatment method to replace missing teeth.

At Redland Bay Smiles, you'll find dentists who are trained to place these implants within our surgery and this will help to minimise dental implant costs as we are keeping the procedure in-house. Consultation appointments are essential in order for us to determine if you are a suitable candidate and for us to provide a treatment time frame and relevant costs.

If you are a suitable candidate and choose to continue with your implant procedure then an appointment will be scheduled to place the titanium rod into your jaw bone. This titanium rod must be observed for several months to ensure it integrates with the surrounding bones. Once we are happy that integration has taken place we will arrange appointments to have a prosthetic tooth or crown placed over the implant. We offer long guarantees on our work provided certain conditions are met.

From having a missing tooth or teeth to getting a finished dental implant/s can be a lengthy and involved procedure. However, at Redland Bay Smiles we will keep you comfortable and informed all the way ensuring a quality finished outcome that patients are extremely satisfied with.

Single Dental Implants

If you have lost a single tooth, either due to deliberate removal or accident, a single dental implant may be the perfect solution for you. Single-tooth implants are often preferred to other tooth replacement options due to the ease of implantation and the fact that, unlike other solutions such as dental bridges, they do not affect the health or structure of the surrounding teeth.

All-On-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 dental implants provide people with the option to replace an entire set of teeth at once. We simply place four dental implants in the bone of either the top or lower jaw. Then we can install an entire arch of false teeth on those four implants.

This is a far more efficient solution than creating an individual implant for every single tooth. When we make the initial implants, you’ll have temporary teeth for around six months to allow the implants to heal prior to us installing your permanent new teeth.

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Keyhole Dental Implants

Keyhole dental implants are an effective means of anchoring a single dental implant. They are minimally invasive and have an accelerated healing period, meaning you are able to regain full use of your teeth much faster. We use advanced technology to guide the installation process and ensure that your implant anchor is placed directly into the jawbone correctly the first time.

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How do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant is essentially a titanium rod that is inserted into one of your jaw bones either the mandible or maxilla with a prosthetic tooth placed on top. It is a fixed option to replace a missing tooth or teeth meaning that it does not have to be removed from your mouth and largely mimics natural teeth.

Dental implants are permanent or semi-permanent fixed replacements for your teeth. They require reasonably extensive consultation and surgery. There are three main parts to a dental implant:
1. The Base: The base is the screw that holds everything in place. It will either be placed directly into the jawbone or just above it.
2. The Abutment: This is what connects the base to the crown. The abutment may look a little like a small, filed down tooth.
3. The Crown: The crown goes over the abutment and is carefully designed to look similar to your existing teeth.

Book a Dental Implant Consultation​

The best way to get the answers you need is simply to talk to us. We’ll take you through all of your options, outline expected timelines and expenses and give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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How to Care for Dental Implants

You should care for your dental implants as much as you would care for other teeth, with a couple of additional steps. You’ll need to brush twice a day, preferably using a soft brush. Be very careful to brush around the crown and where it connects to the abutment and separates from the gumline.
We may provide you with an interdental brush to take care of cracks and crevices. We recommend that you floss every day take a proactive approach to your overall dental health. If you’re concerned about something, speak with us. The sooner we can act on problems, the better.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?​

Dental implants are almost as good as the real thing. They can look and feel just like your natural teeth, restoring confidence and helping greatly with quality of life. Some of the benefits of dental implants include:
  • Replaces missing teeth
  • Can help maintain existing bone
  • Maintains your youthful appearance
  • Restores your natural smile

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